Training & Development

The medical industry is constantly changing. New procedures, conditions and treatment methods are emerging developing year-on-year and it is our job to keep up with them.Continuing training and development helps ensure that nurses and healthcare assistants are kept up-to-date with all relevant new knowledge, skills and information, so that they can provide their patients with the best possible level of care.

Fastrack healthcare services offers all our healthcare workers access to mandatory training, manual handling, adult and paediatric basic life support courses. Our in-house training suite allows us to offer tailored development courses to those who would really benefit from it.

We offer continuous educational courses - both help our nurses advance their knowledge and skills, and because it allows us to meet the high expectations of our clients by providing them the most, knowledgeable, caring and highly-skilled workforce.

We pride ourselves on our reputation, and are able to rely on the competency and professionalism of our staff.